SiteCore based App is the winner of Application Innovation 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year

So here 2020 news for all Microsoft lover & SiteCore lover too. This year is great for SiteCore, as top innovation 2020 Application on Azure. Winner is Wipro… A leading Global IT consulting & business process company based in India, today wan the App Innovation 2020 as a Microsoft Partner Award. Which type of SiteCore … Read more

Microsoft makes its 60,000 patents open source to help Linux

To protect Linux from patent lawsuits, today Microsoft join Open Invention Network in sort OIN. OIN is open source patent group designed to help Linux. So now Linux can use 60,000 Microsoft’s patents & Linux based developer can use it. OIN provides a license platform for Linux for around 2,400 companies — from individual developers to huge companies like Google and … Read more

Microsoft do best for Python introduces Pyright language written in TypeScript

Microsoft introduces Pyright, a static type checker for the Python language written in TypeScript, Pyright aims to be a faster type checker for Python than existing projects, and doesn’t need Python itself. What are the type checking features Pyright brings in? It comes with support for PEP 484 (type hints including generics), PEP 526 (syntax … Read more

Azure Blockchain Development Kit Released by Microsoft for Developers

The Blockchain Development Kit includes Workbench integration samples in the following areas: Legacy applications and protocols—sending and receiving files via FTP, processing comma-separated files and email delivery of data Data—SQL, Azure Search, Excel, and Power BI SaaS—SharePoint, Dynamics, Outlook and Gmail Registries—an accelerator that generates a custom registry and registry item smart contracts to accommodate any scenario. … Read more

Microsoft announces ML.NET 0.6 improved prediction performance

Microsoft announces ML.NET 0.6 Machine Learning .NET improved prediction performance Today Microsoft announce latest monthly release: ML.NET 0.6! ML.NET is a cross-platform, open source machine learning framework for .NET developers. We want to enable every .NET developer to train and use machine learning models in their applications and services. If you haven’t tried ML.NET yet, here’s how you can get started! … Read more

Microsoft’s Visual Basic.NET is back as one of the top Programming language

Microsoft’s Visual Basic .NET makes TIOBE top fifth most popular programming language VisualBasic.Net might not be the coolest programming language to know, but it remains popular and has now reached its highest position on the Tiobe index of top programming languages. As it create surprise ranking of December 2018 TIOBE Index it is in top … Read more

First Look at .NET Core 3.0: C# 8, WPF, Windows Forms

The next major version of .NET Core, .NET Core 3.0, has recently entered Preview stage in 2019. It will include support for building desktop apps using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Forms (WinForms), Entity Framework (EF), Blazor, C# 8, and .NET Standard 2.1. Microsoft recently update that both WPF and WinForms have been recently open sourced under the MIT license. Although part of .NET … Read more