Artificial Intelligence can help lot to world As per Microsoft

Microsoft is working hard to win race of Artificial Intelligence game and as per CEO of Microsoft Mr.Satya Nadella – It can help a lot to world & make things better with more inclusive nature of technology.

When ever we discuss about AI (Artificial Intelligence) we get some arguments that , AI will eat Jobs & it will damage a lot to workforce, but as per Mr.Nadella AI algorithms will help lot to world & and especially it will help to people with disabilities.

In Summit of WIRED in Sun Francisco Mr. Nadella said that “There are a billion people in the world who don’t fully participate in our economies or societies,”

WIRED25 Icon, nominated Jenny Lay-Flurrie, Microsoft’s chief accessibility officer, as someone who will shape the next 25 years of technology.

Readers please get more information of Lay-Flurrie by google it or bing it… and she also provide information about MS research project of PowerPoint plugin which can automatically add closed captions during at presentation, by converting (transcribing) a skpeaker’s words with the help of Microsoft’s automated translation technology.

So what it means that Microsoft focus more on AI as per recent news they use AI in Microsoft Azure & it help them to get more clients & also all clients are happy with this changes.

Also Microsoft open source Infer.Net machine learning engine & Machine learning framework ML.NET , which can help to  for .NET developers as .Net development company we really like this type of great changes to provide better solutions to our clients.