Components from Telerik Developer Tools for Easy .Net Development

Hey .Net Developers be happy now you will get some new components from Telerik. Yes they have new .Net components for you. Now they offers new twenty Telerik Components & also they expands the most popular components like Grid & Charts. And wonderful news is that they added new themes including a Material inspired theme and Mac inspired Crystal theme.

New Components for Desktop Software Development 

  • Mac-inspired Crystal theme 
  • MultiColumnComboBox control and selection support for the Image Editor 
  • Bookmarking functionality in PDFViewer for WPF 
  • Agenda view in the Scheduler and NavigationView mode in the PageView for WinForms

Yes they have allready components for desktop software & with these new components desktop .Net developers will enjoy so now WPF developers will do better & fast development.

New Components for Mobile Application Development

  • Built in log-in, authentication and app feedback screens 
  • Expander, Accordion, Financial and Donut Charts for the charting component 
  • Border and Checkbox as well as scheduling features for the Calendar control

Telrik also realise new components for Mobile developers too, so now you can use this with native app development & also with cross platform mobile app development. Yes in Xamarin also you can use. So Xamarin developers will love this to do fast development. With the help of Xamarin we can create iOS App & Android Apps too. so it is like you have 2 types of developers with you 1. iPhone Developer & 2. Android Developer.

New Components for Web Development

  • A MultiColumnComboBox component and new TreeList features for ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, JSP, PHP, jQuery and Vue.js 
  • ArcGauge and a new Chat feature for ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, JSP and PHP 
  • Notification components as well as Chart features for Angular 
  • MultiViewCalendar, Stock Chart, Sparkline Chart and Dialog components and Grid features for React 
  • Material-inspired theme for ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core 
  • Feature enhancements for HTML Charts, Drawing, Gantt, PDF Export and Spreadsheet for ASP.NET AJAX 
  • Cloud Integration, Docs & Sample Apps update

Web developers have also good components in all type of technology like .Net MVC, .Net Core, JSP (Java), PHP & also Javascript developers can use in library like jQuery & Vue.js.

So It will be game changer for all type of developers who wants give good & quality software to their clients.

What is Telrik & Why you should use it as .Net Development Company?

Telerik is a company that make custom control for .net framework, … win control, ajax controls, silverlight, wpf , ORM tools , and also unit testing for .net projects. They have a wide range of quality UI controls for any .NET framework (ASP.NET AJAX, MVC, Core, Xamarin, WPF, WinForms and UWP) and JavaScript (jQuery, Angular, React, Vue) including complex must-have components such as Grids and Charts, and our always popular Maps, Gauges, Diagrams, Calendars and more.

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