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Hire Xamarin Application Developer India

Xamarin is a open source framework with the help of which mobile application developers can build robust and rich cross-platform mobile applications using CSS, HTML and JavaScript. It’s an ideal alternative for mobile app developers who want to influence clients with their existing skills on a common platform rather than ruling a single complied language. Xamarin is highly friendly with all the in-style mobile operating platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Symbian. Our Xamarin developers then test the Xamarin application in a browser, allowing them to port across different mobile operating systems.

SamifLabs, you can Hire Xamarin Developers who possess proficiency in HTML5 and JavaScript for building dynamic applications vivid mobile platforms. Our root are deep penetrated in the ground of mobile development, and apart from our experience and knowledge, here are the reasons to Hire Xamarin App Developer at SamifLabs.

Xamarin has developed a powerful platform on top of Mono which allows developers to build Native iOS and Android apps using C#. This is great for .Net/C# Developers who want to build iOS/Android apps but are not experienced in Objective-C or JAVA. Another advantage of using Mono is that you can share almost all of your client-side business logic if you are building an app for both Android and iOS.

Xamarin Apps Developers is yet another compelling feature exhibited by Xamarin. Company defines it as an app store for code. Hire Xamarin Application Developer India can find native UI controls, third-party libraries and platform-specific design themes. Components are aimed to streamline and simplify development process and will be available for free or on purchase basis.

Reasons to Hire Xamarin Application Developers:

  • Extensive knowledge of CSS, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript and Jquery
  • Web development experience for rich applications development
  • Core expertise in creating gaming and business applications
  • Affordable apps development service
  • Dedicated developers for timely delivery of project
  • Communication and Technical assistance 24×7 through and throughout project
  • Thorough documentation of the mobile development

Developing mobile apps for smartphones such as iOS and Android was mystery unless and until Xamarin is a multi-platform mobile development product that allows visual studio developers to free their arms. Xamarin App Developers have complete access to all of the native APIs and UI toolkits unique to the iOS, Android and Windows Phone Operating Systems, which means they can create native user experiences while re-using up to 90 percent of application source code.

The Xamarin SDK is based on an open source project known as Mono that allows Microsoft .Net Applications to run on other platforms. Xamarin currently consists of class libraries, a C# compiler, and a virtual machine. The class libraries implement the core APIs of Microsoft’s .Net 4.0 framework. The compiler complies with the C# 5.0 standard, and it has support for namespaces and assemblies. The virtual machine executes the Common Language Infrastructure bytecode generated by the C# compiler.

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With the release of Xamarin Apps, it would be interesting to see how developers will make use this multi-platform Mobile Development product. Along with Java and Objective C, they have third to serve billions of iOS and android users.