Microsoft Ignite – now with more code to promote Azure

Yes Join Event in Orlando, September 24-28 to learn about the latest Microsoft innovations and advancements in cloud, client, and web development, which include .Net Framework, .Net Core Framework, Node.js & How to use Visual Code or Visual Studio to develop Enterprise Web Application with C#, VB.Net, F#, Angular (Angularjs),React js & Enterprise Mobile Application React Native & Xamarin.

Microsoft Ignite is known as the place for technologists to build new skills, expand proficiency, evaluate new tools, and network with the community. This year, we’re adding even more developer-focused content than ever before by going deep on popular and emerging developer technologies.

Microsoft says that attendees will get the opportunity to expand knowledge in growth areas like IoT, AI, ML, DevOps, serverless, microservices, and containers. They’ll also have the chance to learn more about ET, Java, and Node.js, and expand skills into these areas. Some of the other sessions set for Ignite can be seen below.

  • .NET Overview and Roadmap – Learn about the present and future of Microsoft .NET Platform. We’ll look at the current state of .NET, its incredible growth, and new core features. We’ll also show how .NET will help you build cutting-edge solutions for the future.
  • Azure Services Fabric Overview and the Road Ahead – Service Fabric powers Azure core infrastructure and large-scale services. Dive into the latest capabilities, including Service Fabric Mesh, containers, low-latency data processing, .NET Core 2.0, and Visual Studio 2017 integration. Learn how we’re making containerized microservice applications much easier to build.
  • Fundamentals of Internet of Things (IoT) with Microsoft – See Microsoft’s IoT portfolio and where it’s headed. Discover how both Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack can deliver a hybrid environment for IoT success. Learn about IoT, product roadmap, and a variety of industry-based solutions to get you up and running with IoT quickly.
  • Build Full-Stack Enterprise Node.js Apps with Visual Studio Code and Microsoft Azure – Node.js is a scalable JavaScript server runtime with a huge ecosystem of open source packages and a variety of front-end frameworks. Learn how Visual Studio Code, Microsoft’s open source, cross-platform editor, supercharges your productivity, including debugging front-end and server-side code, deploying, and even debugging remotely.