Microsoft makes its 60,000 patents open source to help Linux

To protect Linux from patent lawsuits, today Microsoft join Open Invention Network in sort OIN. OIN is open source patent group designed to help Linux. So now Linux can use 60,000 Microsoft’s patents & Linux based developer can use it.

OIN provides a license platform for Linux for around 2,400 companies — from individual developers to huge companies like Google and IBM — and all members get access to both OIN-owned patents and cross-licenses between other OIN licensees, royalty-free.

There are exceptions to what Microsoft is making available — specifically, Windows desktop and desktop application code, which makes sense for many reasons — but otherwise, Microsoft is going open source. And ultimately, that’s a good thing for the whole developer community.

Why Microsoft open to help linux?

Yes – We have answer ready for it – to get more business & more users for Microsoft Azure & .Net Core.As Microsoft Azure have as per today – two type of operating system available to use for Web hosting, API hosting, and to save data online. also they want more .Net Developers & .Net Core development company to use .Net Core, because if you will use Microsoft product you will like to use another Microsoft products and their main focus from this to get more user base.

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