Microsoft .Net Compact Framework

If you think, Windows mobile has gone out of fashion, maybe you will want to give it a second thought. With more and more Mobile Companies taking up windows OS for their mobiles, vertical devices and set top boxes, you would definitely not like to let the chance go amiss. When companies like Samsung, AT&T, LG, HTC, HP, and the like are getting Windows for their products, and basic RFID based devices to Smartphones are using Windows Mobile OS, how can we let you be the left out!

Our Windows Mobile/Device Services

At SamifLabs, we have a bunch of engineers and mobile technology experts who are specially designated to work on smart devices. These guys not only help you create end to end solutions for your Windows mobiles or vertical devices, but also suggest you the best ways and plans to do it successfully. Some of the Windows Mobile/devices we work on are:

  • Phone API
  • Telephony API
  • Connection Manager API
  • Direct Show
  • Encoded Media
  • Imaging Codes
  • Direct 3D
  • GDI Functions
  • Sound API
  • Wifi API
  • ActiveSync
  • Speech API
  • Security including Smart Card
  • Infrared
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi

OpenNet CF Development

Our core experience in this domain is all the more flexible for the reason that we are able to program on windows mobile in native calls as well as Microsoft .Net Compact Framework. We also use Opennetcf SDK in many of our applications. This SDK has created wrapper .Net Functions over many native calls which makes development of applications smooth and Speedy.

Please feel free to Contact us for more information about our Microfoft .Net Compact Framework Services.