nopCommerce Days Conference connecting global eCommerce experts in Las Vegas, USA

nopCommerce Days 2018 Conference connecting global eCommerce experts in Las Vegas, USA

Hello Ecommerce Experts & nopCommerce users,

I like to give you information about nopCommerce Day – It is nopCommerce conference to connect with nopCommerce developers & users.

As we are one of the best nopCommerce development company in India, we know important of this meetup. It will help global developers, users & also will give us idea about future of nopCommerce – we know it has best future. Now let’s give you update on this.

Speakers in nopCommerce Days

  • Andrei Mazulnitsyn – nopCommerce team
  • Drew Casey – Google, Inc
  • Sam Mallikarjunan – HubSpot
  • Ashley Ward – SEMrush
  • Jeffrey Fritz – Microsoft
  • Сecil Phillip – Microsoft
  • Scott Addie – Microsoft
  • Richard Moot – Square
  • Lauryn Smith – Baymard Institute
  • Quentin Usson – SendinBlue
  • Deanna Kaufman – FedEx
  • Krish Iyer – ShipStation
  • Steve Hoffmann – Avalara
  • Alex Tretyakov – FoxNetSoft
  • Steve Smith – Ardalis
  • Krunal Jariwala – nopAccelerate
  • Aman Sood – TMotions Global Limited
  • John Baluka – ICompare Solutions
  • Atul Rungta – nopAdvance
  • Jon Ballard – Foremost Media
  • RJ Hatch – Bayshore Solutions
  • Boyko Bonev – Nop-Templates
  • Dmitry Kovrizhko – ISDK
  • Yevgeny Chan – Irvine Software Company
  • Peter Larsson – Tornedal Brandon Company
  • Alexander Moss – Aperture Labs, Inc.

Also as per nopCommerce they will announce more speaker list very soon.

Agenda – What information you will get from this nopCommerce event?

Present and Future of nopCommerce

Andrei Mazulnitsyn , nopCommerce CEO will uncover the future of nopCommerce. The most important part of the speech is unveiling the roadmap including both marketing and development. He’ll also tell more about what has been achieved in the past year, and about the platform current state.

How to sell better than Amazon?

Amazon makes almost $300,000 a minute. Every minute. Every day. In this era of eCommerce megasites, it may seem impossible for individual businesses to remain competitive — but it isn’t. In this session, you’ll learn how to define and target segments of the buying cycle in which Amazon isn’t an issue. You’ll learn the specific analytics and economics frameworks you need to plan for and execute a successful eCommerce growth campaign. You’ll come away from this session with a solid understanding of how you can apply the latest research in strategy and innovation frameworks to help you sell better (if not more) than even Amazon.

Architecting ASP.NET Core Solutions

ASP.NET Core provides better support for clean, testable, maintainable architectures than any of its predecessors. Learn the underlying principles that apply to project/solution organization, how best to arrange your projects to support clean code, and how to refactor existing solutions toward this architecture.

Intersport International B2B project

Peter will talk about the case study of Intersport International selling “in store” material for 5000+ physical stores in the world. The setup thay have built are really interesting in a nopCommerce way with different shopping cart types and orderflows.

Building the Real-time Web with ASP.NET Core SignalR

Much has changed since the 2013 inception of ASP.NET SignalR. The relevance of jQuery has diminished, WebSockets is widely adopted, and Microsoft has reimagined the entirety of ASP.NET with ASP.NET Core. But one thing hasn’t changed; real-time web apps are still extremely useful. With the release of ASP.NET Core 2.1, SignalR reemerges with some new characteristics. Building the real-time web has never been easier.

Transform your visitors into paying clients with Marketing Automation

Converting your website visitors into paying clients is crucial to your marketing. Learn how to set up a Marketing Automation strategy in order to send the right message to the right person, at the right time and encourage your visitors to become clients.
We will see together 5 practical examples of automated workflows you should have in place for your e-shop.  

Top 10 .NET Developer Tips and Tricks when working with nopCommerce

Where is the connection string? Why won’t my plugin load? As a .NET Developer, some things are not so obvious in any code base. This past year, I have been working on nopCommerce projects full-time. I have discovered a lot of tips and tricks to share to help you move past common road blocks. At the end of this talk, I look forward to hearing from the audience about any additional tips or tricks.

Do More, Server Less

A tour through different useful applications of serverless computing and tools to use across different cloud providers. Follow up with a walkthrough of a completely serverless application that I built to demonstrate some of those uses.

  •  Initially go through what serverless computing really is and clear up some confusion that arises around serverless computing vs frameworks that have adopted the name.
  •  This would lead into a brief tour of the popular serverless frameworks that are out there and how useful each one is.
  •  A tour of cloud provider’s serverless offerings (AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Azure Functions, IBM Whisk) – A high level overview of the application I built and what it consists of. – Things to watch out for when you build a fully serverless application

Advanced ASP.NET Core Configuration and Deployment

You’ve seen the introductions to ASP.NET Core, and you may have written a simple application or two. How does it work? How can you customize the interactions with your users? What is middleware, and why is configuration so tricky? In this session I’ll look at some advanced project configuration, publication, and deployment topics with ASP.NET Core including how to best use Docker with your ASP.NET Core application.

eCommerce Shipping Trends in 2019 and Beyond: What Do You Need to Do to Keep Up?

While technology changes rapidly in e-commerce, so do trends in e-commerce shipping. This session will explore such topics as: Parcel shipping carrier changes that have affected e-commerce shipping (dimensional weight, yearly General Rate Increases), new services; USPS and Amazon shipping changes that have changed the industry, including last mile shipping options; New carriers, including regional carriers and same day, that have affected the shipping landscape; New technology, including Shipping API’s, that have changed the landscape from warehouse/premise-based shipping into the hands of drop shippers, c2c vendors and others in integrating new technologies. This session will cover these trends and how to plan for them in 2019 and beyond.

Optimizing your mobile experience: findings from over 600 best practices

From homepage to checkout – discover 8 ways to fine tune your site to ensure users are able to easily discover relevant products, learn the information that is important to them, and purchase without roadblocks. Baymard draws from findings from over 32,000 hours of research and 600 best practices.

Global/cross-border e-commerce trends and shopper trends

Retailers are constantly thinking about how to grow online sales revenue but all too often focus on sales and shipping promotions without considering other facets of improving the shopper experience to convert sales and increase lifetime customer value. Deanna Kaufman, a leading e-commerce expert from FedEx, will overview shopper demands and current trends, and discuss opportunities to improve the domestic and global cross-border shopper experience, focusing on convenience.

Continuous integration/deployment for nopCommerce

In this session we will talk about various nopCommerce build and deployment strategies using automation. We will discuss what is continuous integration/deployment and why we need one for our nopCommerce websites. We will demonstrate how to quickly setup a continuous integration/deployment server. At the end we will show how to use Docker containers for your nopCommerce builds and deployments.

Machine Learning and AI in nopCommerce

In this topic we will discuss and showcase about implementing machine learning with AI based on either one of three (Google ML, Azure ML and Amazon ML) to boost sales and understanding customer behaviour by providing automatic “Product ranking”, “Product recommendation”, “Product suggestion” and “Relevant products”. We will also discuss why ML with AI is very much important for an eCommerce website and how it can lead towards a great future to their businesses.

Some tips how to improve performance of highly loaded sites on nopCommerce. The look as C# and MSSQL developer

This topic will be interesting for C# developers. We plan to talk about different ways how the ones can improve the performance of nopcommerce without changing the nop kernel of libraries. I’ll show how to look for the problem place and how to fix it using internal nopcommerce methods, ASP.NET and MSSQL Server features. Each problem can have many solutions. It’s very important question to take the best and flexible solution. nopCommerce allows us to do a very elegant solution and it’s important to take all technologies together in one box for the best performance.

Cutting-edge multi-platform omnichannel solution built on nopCommerce for boosting sales and customer loyalty

Building integrated solution with a various selling channels: website, auto-store (kiosks), mobile apps, messenger chatbots (FB, Telegram, Viber), web-site pushes. Increasing customers loyalty and encourage them to buy more with remarketing features and client service across all communication channels.

Developing Nop Plugins and Themes the Agile Way

RJ will cover how to efficiently deliver high-quality nopCommerce plugins and themes, while working in partnership with a remote team, using agile methodology.

Testing your way to increase sales

Are you looking to sell more products on your website? That’s easy, just get more traffic right? Not so fast, more traffic is great but the real low hanging fruit might just be increased conversions. Join conversion rate expert Jon Ballard as we dive into some real-life examples of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) in action. Learn what to test, how to test it and how to report your results so you look like a marketing rock star in your organization. In this interactive session, Q&A is encouraged and as time allows, we will even choose several participant websites for some group analyzation to help you get started on your CRO journey.

Serverless Workflows with Azure Functions

Today, it’s hard to have a conversation about the cloud without talking about serverless computing. Like any new shinny tool, you might be wondering what you can do with it or where it a good place to use it. In this talk, we’ll get an overview of serverless and the types of scenarios it enables. We’ll take a look at Azure Functions and see some demos of how quickly we can get started building serverless solutions. Some topics we’ll discuss include triggers, services integrations and monitoring. In addition to that, we’ll dive into the Durable Functions feature for creating stateful workflows.

eCommerce Search – Role of Search in UX and conversion optimization

We will be discussing on how search is shaping the eCommerce user experience, the crucial role it plays in conversion, what your visitors expects and how you can fill the gap and find new opportunities. You can hire UI designer from us.

From this presentation, you will learn how ISC makes nopCommerce take off like a rocket, igniting Leads into Sales to boost your business into the stratosphere. The Challenge was to use nopCommerce as a starting platform, develop an enterprise level eCommerce system that includes: integration to Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS); HubSpot CRM; implementing Software as a Service (SaaS); user-driven customer home pages and a native Product Content Management System (CMS).Categor