Workflow Foundation Services India

Workflow Foundation (WF) has been introduced as part of Microsoft .Net 3.0 framework (formerly called WinFX). It is a namespace and a set of tools designed for building workflow enabled applications on .Net.

We build powerful work-flow applications for different businesses to enhance productivity and annual ROI. Our team consist of highly qualified and experienced web application developers who have sufficient knowledge of the Windows Work Flow Foundation. We even offer ASP .Net Application Development solutions using Windows WorkFlow Foundation. Our team ensures that the applications developed are high in performance and impeccable in terms of quality.

Microsoft WF is a very sophisticated workflow engine that supports persistence (hydratation, dehydratation), tracking, visual design, compiling, communications, timer and rules services and it is highly extensible from new activities to new hosts. Windows Workflow Foundation also provides an extensible model and designer to build custom activities which encapsulate workflow functionality for end-users. WWF it is heavily object oriented designed and a bit overbloatted.

Advantages offered by Windows Work Flow Foundation:-

  • Helps developers build applications easily on the windows platform.
  • Important for controlling the flow of an application
  • Allows one to inspect the application logic, track the execution and even modify/change the logic during runtime.
  • With Windows work flow foundation developers can easily incorporate concepts like scheduling, task coordination, and escalation into their existing applications for free.
  • WF programming encourages developers to create a core set of well-tested activities that you can reuse in multiple applications.

Workflow Foundation can be smoothly developed and run on Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. Moreover, it fully supports various Microsoft Programming languages like C#, Visual Basic .NET, and graphical workflow designer and help developers to develop workflow in code or in markup languages.

Using a workflow solves the long-running logic problem by modeling the process at a slightly higher level than directly in code. You still have to write code but the state management, persistence and correlation of incoming messages is provided by the workflow runtime. With the help of its unique features and ample benefits, WWF Development India makes sure the computerization of variety of business related processes in order to enhance functioning of all the business activities.

With the Windows Workflow Foundation, our programmer develops the required applications with other technologies such as Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Presentation Foundation and reduces need for extensive communication between humans and technology in business applications.