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We are top Xamarin App Development Agency with more than 30+ dedicated Xamarin developers. We have also Back End & API Developers for your Mobile App Development Project.

Share your Mobile App idea and get development time & Also know App Development Cost in India. 

We provides mobile app development solutions which help businesses increase customer satisfaction and engagement. Through our products, the target audience can access the company’s services anytime they need to. This creates additional channels for marketing and generating revenue.

We are Xamarin App Development Company, helping small to Fortune 500 organizations by developing cross platform enterprise mobile app using the Model View ViewModel (MVVM) architecture pattern. With access to iOS & Android APIs, leverage code reusability, data structures for every platform. Powered by C#, you can build engaging cross platform mobile and tablet apps and target a wider audience.

Our App developers have extensive experience in competitor analysis, positioning, marketing messaging, customer feedback messages, billing, and integrations apart from creating excellent technology for your solutions. Through Xamarin app development, we intend to assist clients in building innovative products to capture the market in a better manner.

We take your enterprise mobile app strategy to the next level with Xamarin application development. These apps look and feel native as they are built using standard native user interface controls. Xamarin apps built using C# have complete access to the full spectrum of platform-specific functionalities exposed by the underlying platform and device. We build enterprise grade apps that leverage platform specific hardware and deliver native app performance.

We are a group of innovators and specialists in mobile app design & app development who are passionate to offer something great and new to our clients. Possessing the expertise and wisdom on how to craft cross platform mobile apps using Xamarin, we assure apps are user-friendly, offer native-like experience and keep up with the industry’s standards. Mobile App Development Services on offer include:

Why Partner With Us for your Mobile App, Web App & Marketing Services?

Our years of experience and a distinctive approach to programming challenges make us an ideal Xamarin app development company to partner with, for both enterprises and startups.Our skilled team of in house Xamarin developers, Xamarin designers, and project managers confidently deliver challenging Xamarin app development projects.

Xamarin For Enterprises Mobile App Development

  • Complete end-to-end enterprise mobility solution with Xamarin.
  • Launch B2B, B2C and B2E apps with Xamarin
  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Quickly resolve any issues
  • Stay up-to-date with latest features
  • Secure enterprise data integration

Xamarin For Startups Application Development

  • Xamarin app development services for startups to launch MVP.
  • Quickly launch your app on both Android and iOS
  • Cost effective MVP and prototype solution
  • Native functionality
  • Extensive Xamarin talent available
  • Benefit from our work with Startups

Xamarin App Development Services

Xamarin is the best alternative for startups and enterprises to develop apps for multiple platforms with cost effectiveness.

Xamarin Consulting Services

Xamarin consulting Reviewing your app code to fix bugs, streamline the development process, and provide better quality mobile solution. We provide you the right advice to accelerate your mobile app development and provide high-quality mobility solutions with Xamarin.

  • 113+ Xamarin apps successfully shipped.
  • 20+ Certified in house Xamarin developers.
  • Xamarin developer and expert hiring options.
  • Help you choose between Xamarin Forms and Xamarin Native.

Dedicated Xamarin Developers for Hire

Our proficient Xamarin developers have knowledge of Objective-C, C# and Java and thus, they work efficiently to build app successfully that run across devices and platforms.

Xamarin Android App Development India

We have expertise in developing faster yet less expensive Xamarin applications that support every mobile platforms and devices. We develop fully native Android apps with Xamarin.Android that is indistinguishable from their Java/ Kotlin counterparts.

  • Native Android Experience.
  • Fully Functional.
  • Cost Effective & Time Saver.
  • Build Android Wear Applications.
  • Deploy Native Android apps Android app development using Xamarin makes it simple to develop native Android apps.
  • More with Android Wearables Create full-scale Android wearable applications that can do more than just showing notifications.
  • API, Forms & everything else The entire library of Android SDK and app development at your disposal to tinker and assemble.
  • Latest Android version Stay current with all major & minor released from Apple for iOS app development in Xamarin

Xamarin iOS App Development India

We develop and manage native iOS applications with Xamarin.iOS creating the same UI controls available in Objective-C and Xcode.

  • Uncompromised iOS app experience.
  • Build Apple Watch apps with Xamarin.
  • Build Apple TV apps with Xamarin.
  • Hire Xamarin for iOS experts.
  • Native iOS API Access Access to all of iOS API & SDK for a native app building facility.
  • Objective-C coding using automatic binding generated to replicate native controls.
  • Native Compiler Ahead-of -Time (AOT) compiler to bundle native apps straight to App store.
  • Always Updated Stay current with all major & minor released from Apple for iOS app development in Xamarin.

Xamarin.Forms App Development

Create native UI for iOS, Android and Windows from a single, shared C# codebase.

  • Embed native controls
  • Improves platform-specific functionality
  • Layouts optimization at compile time
  • More decoupled code

Xamarin UI/UX Design Services (Xamarin UI Designer)

We incorporate experience with technology to provide the best products to enhance your business opportunities, productivity, and growth. We implement Xamarin solutions to empower your business objectives in order to obtain higher returns. The Xamarin UI/UX design includes

  • Engaging user interface.
  • User-centric user experience design.
  • Harnessing Xamarin’s UI elements.

Cross Platform Application Development

Our Xamarin experts have the capability to develop native Android and Windows apps using up to 30% of iOS app code. It saves client’s investment and time to land app in the market.

Xamarin App Development Services – Get intuitive apps for Retail, Insurance, Banking, Healthcare, Entertainment, Education.

Xamarin Integration Services – Deliver capabilities like Augmented Reality, Location based awareness, Customer Engagement.

Xamarin Maintenance & Support Services –Dedicated support team for your Xamarin Apps.

Hire Xamarin Developers – Get the best resources for your ongoing & upcoming projects.

Xamarin is highly popular cross platform mobile development framework with write once run everywhere coding for leading mobile platforms iOS, Android and Windows. It uses C# programming language to optimize development spends and minimize project time frame for your application. Deploy your app on a single code base, deliver native user interface and reach billions of smart devices irrespective of the platform with Xamarin.

Why use Xamarin for your App Development?

  • 90% Code Reusability – Launch your mobile app on multiple mobile platforms.
  • Portable Class Libraries (PCL) for faster app development.
  • Get Native App UI with Xamarin.Forms.
  • Better Security to store enterprise data.
  • Faster Go-To-Market with Xamarin Test Cloud & App Analytics.
  • High Performance Compile Code You can write all apps in C# and at the same time share the app code across all the mobile development platforms.
  • Native User Interfaces App development can be done using Native UI controls. Hence, you can create native apps using various device specific experiences.
  • Automated Testing You can do automated testing on apps using Xamarin Test Cloud. It helps you focus on other important tasks instead of investing time on manual testing.
  • Keeping Native UI across all platforms Xamarin allows re using proficiency of team and use of tools, therefore, more than 75% of code remains consistent. Hence, users have consistent and reliable experience across all mobile and web platforms.
  • Time to Market gets reduced By using Azure Mobile Services for coding, testing, deploying, you can use the mobile service as your backend which improves the development cycle and, hence, incur 50% lesser project costs.
  • Integrated with SDKs of all OS Single code base dramatically reduces costs for support. Xamarin’s test cloud automatically tests your iOS and Android apps on hundreds of devices.
  • Amazing Apps There are more than 500,000 Xamarin developers who are using Xamarin for creating astonishing apps. Xamarin performs exceptionally and has a spectacular UX.

Xamarin app development is the perfect cross-platform launchpad to build, test and deploy apps across Android & iOS

  • Native API Access Pairing our long-standing experience in coding on multiple platforms with Xamarin’s Native API Access will create an opportunity to capitalize on the APIs and SDKs as provided by Apple and Google.
  • Native UI across Android & iOS platforms Experience pure and unadulterated UX and performance with Xamarin’s Native UI. Our in-depth expertise in Xamarin will prove beneficial in building mobile apps that will perform their best while retaining their native platform traits.
  • Multiple OS SDK integrations Xamarin renders the facility of building apps for multiple devices and platforms under a single platform. Building multiple apps on diverse platforms with various utilities using Xamarin is one among our legacies.
  • Always up to date with latest Android & iOS APIs Xamarin evolves with time to deliver the very best native experience. And so do our developers who adopt to latest native APIs as soon as they are announced and released. Never too late to make your native app state-of-the-art in performance.
  • Automated Testing Xamarin’s Test Cloud provides an extra layer of testing to develop flawless native apps. App development using xamarin comes with Automatic Testing Assist which allows users to test apps from all corners using gestures like swipes, pinches and so on.

Xamarin Plugins to Add Awesome Functionality to Your Mobile App

Xamarin Geolocator Plugin: Geolocation utilizes location services to provide users with a location just anytime. It is commonly used in location-based apps to display weather information, navigate to a destination, or find nearby restaurants. It is also used in applications like Snapchat that includes geofilters features (data entry forms that collect city, state, and zip code) to increase the conversion rates. By adding Xamarin’s Geolocator plugin to your projects, you can use GPS location services for all the major mobile platforms. It also increases the code volume that can be shared across various platforms and includes heading, speed and more.

Xamarin Media Plugin: Media is a term often used to resemble the images and videos stored in a device. If you’re developing a mobile app that requires clicking images, recording videos and displaying the device’s image gallery, then Xamarin Media Plugin will be needed. It allows you to add the camera, audio and video capabilities on iOS, Android and Windows from a shared code.

Xamarin Messaging Plugin: Xamarin’s Messaging Plugin allows you to add phone call, text message, and email functionality to your mobile app. Whether you want to make a phone call, send an SMS or an e-mail, the messaging plugin lets you do it from a shared code. It covers all the popular mobile operating systems – Android, iOS, and Windows. But adding attachments to email and sending HTML email is only possible on some platforms.

Xamarin App Development India

Xamarin Platform is the monophonic open source & cross-platform implementation of C# & the .NET framework. Xamarin App Development India is a cross-platform mobile application development framework & a single code base platform, which lets developers to develop native apps for three major os Android, iOS & Windows Phone.

SamifLabs is an established Mobile Application Development Company delivering Mobile Development & Application Services of any complexity to global clients. Being in the IT business over 5 years, we have a strong team of 53+ skilled IT experts. Our clients are companies of all sizes from startups to large enterprises who realize that they need professional Mobile Application Solution to generate revenue streams and establish several communications networks.

Many developers had to reorient their professional careers to new paths. A big group started to use Javascript and CSS in the same way they had used Flash before, doing websites. Another group remained using AS3 but based on Stage3D, Starling and FeathersUI, focused on gaming and mobile apps.

Reasons to Hire Xamarin Apps Team:

  • Extensive knowledge of CSS, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript and Jquery
  • Web development experience for rich applications development
  • Core expertise in creating gaming and business applications
  • Affordable apps development service
  • Dedicated developers for timely delivery of project
  • Communication and Technical assistance 24×7 through and throughout project
  • Thorough documentation of the mobile development

Some of the most common mobile cross platform development systems available on the internet now include the Titanium SDK, Xamarin, PhoneGap, Oracle ADF Mobile. SamifLabs ensure that the apps run at native speed on mobiles, and that of the hybrid solutions is that they allow the creator to use many different kinds of programming languages.

By selecting Xamarin Development India and keeping a few things in mind when you design and evolve your mobile app, you can get incredible code distributing across Mobile Platform, decrease your time to market, control existing talent, rendezvous customer demand for mobile get access to, and decrease cross-platform complexity.